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Assagio's Caesar Salad Dressing

I add the tabasco sauce at the start - be careful to not add too much or the salad becomes too spicy. I usually add the juice of 1 - 2 lemons; most people seem to like the dressing a bit on the "lemony" side. You can always add more Parmesian Cheese or salt if dressing is too acidic. Since the recipe calls for a raw egg, be sure to use a fresh egg for this dish.
3 tbs    Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
1 tsp    Anchovy paste  
3 drops    Tabasco sauce  
3-4 cloves    garlic, crushed  
2-4 drops    Worcestershire sauce  
1   fresh egg yolk  
2-4 tbs    lemon juice  
2-4 tbs    parmesian cheese  
1 head    Romaine lettuce  
Put Olive Oil, garlic, anchovy paste and tabasco sauce in a wooden salad bowl. Mix well with fork until you have a smooth mixture. Add Worcestershire sauce, raw egg yolk and ½ of the Parmesian cheese. Mix until combined. Add lemon juice and balance of Parmesian cheese. Add Romaine lettuce and croutons. You may add additional Parmesian Cheese to taste.
 Recipe Source

Author: Assagio's Restaurant, Kailua, Hawaii

Source: Modified by Mikey